UT, NM, and OR 2016 Trips

By Shandi Martinez, License Application Service Manager, February 2016

Time is already flying by for me this year, and this application season is as busy as ever. Make sure you’re keeping up with us as there are a lot of important deadlines right around the corner.

Utah only allows online applications and has one of the easiest systems to navigate. Utah requires that applicants have a valid hunting license when applying, but unlike Arizona, you can get away with buying a license every other year if you do it right as the license is valid for 365 days. You can look on your license from last year to see the dates that it is valid. If you can’t find it, Utah’s system will automatically know if you have a valid license or not. If you don’t, the system will ask you to buy one before you can apply for any tags. If your license is still valid, it will skip the step entirely, so if it never asks you to buy a license, you don’t have to worry about it. You also have to have a valid license to hunt, so if you’re lucky enough to draw a tag and have an expired license, you will need to purchase one before your hunt starts. To get the most bang for your buck in Utah, we recommend applying for all species that you’re interested in, since each species is only $10 once you’ve purchased the license.

New Mexico has a somewhat confusing system to apply for sheep. There are four different hunt codes for sheep, two of which are for ewe hunts. You can apply for up to three hunt codes on one application, which means you can apply for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and Desert bighorn sheep, and you only pay the tag fee once. The hunt code for Rocky Mountain bighorn ram is 1-201, and the hunt code for Desert bighorn ram is 1-204. For each hunt code you apply for, you can select up to three different hunt areas. In other words, you can apply for three areas for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and three areas for Desert bighorn sheep on the same application. Just make sure you don’t pick a ewe hunt code on accident.

You are required to purchase a hunting license to apply in New Mexico, but you can specify that you want it refunded if you are unsuccessful in the draw. When you check the box to add your license to your order, there’s another checkbox below it to request a refund. New Mexico also requires the full tag fees up front when applying, so a lot of people wait until closer to the deadline to keep the interest on their credit card down. I recommend applying a week or so before the deadline as their website often has issues on the last day or two.

If you plan on hiring an outfitter if you draw in New Mexico, you should consider contracting with an outfitter beforenhand and applying in the outfitter draw. This is available for all species and usually gives you better odds. If you need help finding an outfitter, give Jeff Warren a call before you apply.

Oregon's application system is fairly easy to use if you know what to click on. If you apply online but don't have a license yet, you will first click on "Buy a Document" and select your hunting license, then you will continue until you get to "Controlled Hunt Apps." From there, you will select each species you are applying for and select your unit choices. If you already have a license, you can go straight to "Controlled Hunt Apps" from the main license page. If you choose to apply with a paper application, you can mail it or fax it in using a credit card for payment.

Since you are required to buy a license to apply, you might as well apply for all species of interest here too, since it only costs $8 per species on top of the license fee. Oregon offers several species that you can’t hunt in most other states, such as Roosevelt elk, Columbian whitetail deer, and blacktail deer. You can only apply for one type of deer and one type of elk, but your deer points can go toward any type of deer and your elk points can go toward any type of elk, regardless of which one you applied for in the past.

Keep in mind that we have the best License Application Service in the industry and we’d be happy to help you with any of your applications. Just give us a call and we can take care of everything over the phone.