KS, ME, MT, NV, and NH 2015 Tips

By Shandi Martinez, License Application Service Manager, April 2015

April is probably the busiest month for applications with five deadlines this month and several applications opening up. Make sure you don’t miss out on the states you want to apply in.

Kansas only offers an online application. When applying, you first select a weapon choice and then select up to four application choices with two adjacent units on each choice. If you have applied before, make sure to use your KDWP #.

If you want to apply for a Mule deer stamp, you must first apply for a Whitetail tag in a unit that has Mule deer stamps issued and select either archery or muzzleloader. You can then select that you want a Mule deer stamp if successful in drawing a Whitetail tag. If you don’t draw Mule deer but you are successful in drawing Whitetail, you cannot get a refund for your Whitetail tag. If you do draw Mule deer, you will have an Any Deer tag and will be allowed to shoot either a Mule deer or a Whitetail deer. There are preference points for Whitetail deer only, and you can apply for points only for about $20 if you don’t want to draw, just be aware that most Whitetail units are a guaranteed draw.

Maine has a different application process than any other state we cover. They have a bonus point system in which you accumulate points each year, but they also allow you to purchase additional chances each year. Chances are kind of like raffle tickets or a name in the hat. Each point you have gives you one chance, plus you can purchase as many additional chances as you want. Extra chances you purchase don’t carry over each year, only your accumulated bonus points. You can also just purchase a bonus point for $15 if you don’t want to draw.

We recommend applying online in Maine as it’s the simplest option. You will choose the season you wish to hunt – the September season, the October season, or both. Just make sure the units you pick have tags for the season(s) you choose. You can choose 10 units, and all 10 choices will be considered before the next applicant is drawn.

Montana changed their fee structure last year and no longer requires the full tag fees up front, however they now have some of the most expensive application fees. Even still, with the cheapest tag fees for sheep, moose, goat, and Bison, and some of the best Rocky Mountain sheep in the world, we consider Montana to be a "must apply for" state.

We recommend applying online in Montana. It’s harder to make mistakes online and much more convenient than applying on paper as they require either a money order or cashier’s check to apply on paper. Participating in the bonus point system is an option and costs $20 more per species, but we highly recommend building points to better your chances of drawing a tag. Each year Montana squares your points, so your odds of drawing are exponentially better every year.

Nevada offers an online and a paper application system. If applying on paper, you have to pay the full tag fee up front with a money order or cashier’s check. With those two factors and Nevada having one of the most user-friendly online systems, we see no reason to apply on paper. If you have never applied in Nevada and were born after 12/31/1959, you will be required to submit proof of hunter education before you can apply. They have a form on their website that you need to fill out and send to them with one of the three options listed on that form for proof of a completed hunter ed course. Make sure you get it to them at least 7 days before the deadline to ensure that they can get it entered in time. You only have to do this one time, and they will keep your information on file so you can apply online in future years.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire’s online application system is fairly quick and easy to use. After inputting your personal information, they list all available units and you just rank the units in order of your preference. You can rank all the units if you’d like, or you can just rank a few units that you want to draw in. If your name is drawn, they will go through all of the units you have ranked, starting with your number one choice. If none of the units you have ranked are available, they will move on to the next applicant.

Whether you’re applying for the draw or just getting a point, it only costs $25 up front. You can accumulate 1 point per year, and you will lose all of your accumulated points if you fail to apply for 1 year. If you draw, you can choose to decline the permit and keep your points.

We’ve helped a lot of our clients draw great tags, and we’d love to help you, too. If you can’t keep up with all the deadlines or just don’t want to, give me a call at 435-865- 1020. We’ll make sure you are applied on time and in all the right places.