Huntin' Fool TV Debut

By Travis Roundy, Hunting Consultant, June 2015

Coming July 2015 to the Sportsman Channel. Sundays @ 8:30 PM EST.

It's finally here! Huntin' Fool TV is coming to your home in July of 2015 on the Sportsman Channel Sunday nights at 8:30 pm Eastern time. We have worked tirelessly for the last year and a half to put together one of the most exciting hunting shows on TV. Our plan from the start was to make Huntin’ Fool TV about our members and the awesome hunts they experience. Huntin’ Fool helps thousands of members find top notch hunts, and we have selected a dozen or so of the best hunts you can imagine and captured them on film so you can be there to feel the thrill and see the excitement of the hunt with Huntin’ Fool members just like you!

We have partnered with one of the top production companies in the outdoor TV world, JBO Productions. JBO Productions has years of experience and produces some of the top outdoor shows on TV. Jon and Gina Brunson, owners of JBO, produce their own hunting show, Addicted to the Outdoors, a very successful show on the Outdoor Channel. We are very pleased to work with JBO and look forward to producing our TV show with their talented team.

To bring consistency and a familiar face to the show each week, we have chosen Gregg Ritz, who has his own show, Hunt Masters, on the Outdoor Channel to host every week. Gregg is very well-respected and has been in the outdoor industry for years, and we are pleased to have him as the host of Huntin’ Fool TV.

Huntin’ Fool has been known for 20 years as a company that stands for quality, and we do our best to partner with solid companies that stand for quality and deliver solid products and services to Huntin’ Fool members. We have partnered with Realtree, SKRE Extreme Mountain Hunting Gear, Phone Skope smartphone adapters, and Red Rock Precision long range rifles. We are currently working with several more companies that by the time you receive this magazine will have joined with us to help bring you Huntin’ Fool TV. We would like to thank each and every product partner that has teamed up with us this first year to bring you Huntin’ Fool TV. We thank you for believing in us, and we look forward to many more years of teamwork, growth, and friendship!

As you know, Huntin’ Fool members consistently go on some of the most awesome hunts this planet has to offer, and our lineup consists of Arizona Strip Mule deer, Alaska moose, Utah Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep, Utah elk, Alaska Dall sheep, Mexico Desert Mule deer, and many more unbelievable hunts that our own members have experienced. This is all about people just like you who have accessed unreal hunts by utilizing the resources provided by Huntin’ Fool, whether it’s a guy who drew a coveted sheep tag through the Huntin’ Fool License Application Service, won a moose hunt through a Huntin’ Fool Membership Drive, booked an Alaska Dall sheep hunt through the Huntin’ Fool Endorsed Outfitter program, or studied the hunt tables in the Huntin’ Fool magazine and drew a tag in a sleeper unit for elk. Real hunters going on unreal hunts!

Huntin’ Fool is very thankful to the Huntin’ Fool members and outfitters who have allowed our videographers to tag along on their hunts and capture the thrill of the hunt as well as their stories leading up to the hunt. We think it was worth the extra effort and time that it took to make these hunts come alive on the screen for the rest of the hunting world to see. Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your hunts! We are excited to film the 2016 hunts coming up this fall, so if you have an extra special hunt you are going on this fall and you would like to have us consider it for the 2016 Huntin’ Fool TV lineup, send us an email at contact@ and give us the details of your hunt. We will be choosing 13 awesome hunts to bring to you next season!