Endorsed Outfitter Program

By Travis Roundy, Hunting Consultant, February 2015

The Huntin' Fool Endorsed Outfitter Program has been around for many years and has connected thousands of hunters with the best outfitters in the hunting world. Huntin’ Fool members have relied on our knowledge and have trusted our outfitters with some of the most sought after hunts and tags in North America. With all of the guides and outfitters to choose from, we have had questions about how we select an outfitter and what we base our “Endorsement” of that outfitter on. As a hunter and a member of Huntin’ Fool, you obviously deserve to know how we select the outfitters and how they maintain their status as a Huntin’ Fool Endorsed Outfitter.

We currently employ six hunting consultants who have either been very successful outfitters or have guided for other successful outfitters over the last 15-30 years. Many of us still guide or outfit hunters during the fall hunting seasons. We have also been on many guided hunts around the world where we have had the opportunity to be on the other side of the equation where we have relied on an outfitter or guide to help us enjoy a successful hunt. We understand what it takes to choose an outfitter that will deliver when it comes to your hunt. We know what a good hunt is, and we know what a reasonable expectation is for a hunt. We also have literally hundreds of Huntin’ Fool members who have hunted with the outfitters we endorse, and we receive reports from them every year on how the outfitters treated them, how hard they worked for them, and if they went above and beyond to ensure they had a successful hunt. We listen to our members and take their feedback seriously. Jeff Warren heads up the Endorsed Outfitter department and has the experience and knowledge to help you confidently book your next hunt with a solid outfitter.

Huntin’ Fool Worldwide Hunting Adventures follows the exact same protocol for selecting Endorsed Outfitters, and our selections are based on solid reputation and performance. Nowhere is it more critical to choose the right outfitter than a hunt or safari that takes you abroad to foreign countries and uncharted territories where not only is the outcome of the hunt at stake, but your personal safety is also at stake. Aaron Neilson has booked hundreds of hunts and safaris and has been on dozens of safaris around the globe. He is your connection at Huntin’ Fool to ensure your success when it comes to booking worldwide hunting adventures.

We are confident that the guides and outfitters we endorse will ensure that you have every chance for success on your hunts, no matter what type of hunt you desire. We have outfitters that we trust to deliver the kind of hunting experience and success you deserve.