Dec 2014 Application Tips

By Shandi Martinez, License Application Service Manager, December 2014

Another hunting season is coming to a close, which means another application season is about to begin. I’ve already heard about a few successful hunts and can’t wait to hear more! The best emails I get are the ones from a client thanking me for drawing them a tag with a picture of a happy, successful hunter and his trophy. I love playing a part in hunters realizing their dreams and bagging trophy animals. Those calls and emails never get old to me, so keep them coming!

With application season upon us, I hope you’ve taken some time to figure out a strategy for applying. If you have a 10-20 year plan in place, figuring out this year’s plan should be pretty easy. Depending on what you want to hunt in the future versus what you want to hunt next fall, you’ll be able to decide which hunts you’re applying to draw for and which hunts you’re just doing “points only” for. If you don’t have a long-term plan, at least take a minute to figure out this year. If you wait to figure it out, you’ll likely end up missing some deadlines. If you need a little help or inspiration, read our consultants’ strategies in this issue. Each consultant has a different strategy based on their goals and where they’re at in life. Find the strategy that fits you the best and modify it to work for you.

Other than figuring out your strategy, there are a few things you can do now to make the application season go a little smoother for you. If you don’t already have a hunter education certificate, you’ll want to get one. A lot of states require that you have one, depending on when you were born. Some states only require one if you’re under the age of 18, but Colorado, for example, requires that you have one if you were born after January 1, 1949. The other states fall somewhere between the two. If you don’t have one, check to see if the states you want to apply for require one for your age, and if so, you’ll want to get that taken care of as soon as possible. If you took the class when you were a kid and haven’t seen your certificate for 20 years, you can try calling the state that you took the class in to see if they can give you a duplicate. If not, you might have to retake the class.

Another thing you can do now is make sure you have a credit card to use for hunting. We recommend having a card that’s used exclusively for that so it makes it easier to keep track of things such as refunds. We also recommend that this card be a Visa or MasterCard as some states still don’t accept Discover or American Express. Depending on what you’re applying for, you’ll probably want at least a $10,000 credit limit. If you’re one of those lucky people whose mailbox is constantly bombarded with credit card offers, you might want to take advantage of one with a 0% interest rate for the first year to save you some money.

If you need some help submitting your applications and figuring out a strategy, consider giving our application service a try. We are, after all, the best application service there is! We offer the best value in the business, while still being the most knowledgeable, most capable, and most trusted service in the industry. To best meet the needs of our clients, we offer two payment options: you can either pay us up front for our fees, or we can charge you as we go to spread the cost out a little. If you have children under 18, we’ll apply them for free in the states that you’re applying for. If your children are older or if your wife likes to hunt as well, we’re implementing a new family discount to ease the burden a bit. Our fees for the first person will be regular price, and then the fees for each additional family member will be half price. We want to submit applications for your whole family, and we’re trying to make it as affordable as possible.

As if all of that isn’t reason enough to use our service, we also apply for more states and species than any other service. We added five new states to our lineup last year, and we’re continually researching additional hunting opportunities to help our clients. In addition to the state applications, we are the only company that helps our clients purchase raffle tickets for Governor type tags throughout the West.

Whether we do your applications or you do them on your own, I’ll continue to give you tips for each state in each magazine as the year progresses. We don’t want you to make any mistakes or miss any deadlines, so we’ll do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen. As we always say, “Apply, Apply, Apply!”