Frequently Asked Questions - Applications

  • What do you charge to submit applications?
    • We charge $50 per state for the first species and $10 for each additional species in that state.
  • Do you charge all of the fees at once?
    • Our fees: You can pay our fees up front, or we can charge you for each state after we've applied you.
    • State fees: The state fees will be charged as the deadlines come up - it's spread out from January to June.
  • Do you front the tag fees?
    • No, we will use your credit card and your address when applying and then all refunds or tags will go directly to you.
  • So how does it work?
    • We will get all of your personal info as well as what states and species you're interested in, then we will apply for you in those states. If you don't know what states to apply for, we can help you decide that as well.
  • What does it cost for my kids or my wife to apply?
    • Kids under 18 years old are free in the states that you're applying for. Your wife and kids 18 years and over are half price ($25 per state, $5 per additional species in that state).
  • Do you have to be a member of Huntin' Fool to use the application services?
    • No, it's a separate service with separate fees.
  • Can you guys do a party application?
    • Yes, we will just need to get the other party members' information.
  • What if I already have points in some states? Will they transfer?
    • Yes, all of your points are linked to your Social Security Number, so it doesn't matter who applies you.
  • What's the benefit of using your service as opposed to applying on my own?
    • We'll make sure you never miss a deadline, so you don't have to worry about it.
    • We can choose your units for you according to the size of animal you're hoping for.
  • Will using your service improve my odds?
    • Applying with us will not improve your odds.
  • How do you know what units to apply me for?
    • We will ask you what type of units you're interested in or you can tell us what size of animal you would be happy with and we'll choose accordingly.
  • Who picks my units?
    • The Professional Hunt Advisors will be choosing your units as they do all the research for the magazine.

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