About Huntin' Fool

What is Huntin' Fool?

Huntin’ Fool is the premiere resource and community for hunters and hunting enthusiasts.

What Does Huntin' Fool Do?

We believe that hunting should be simple, but the reality can often be the opposite. To plan a big hunt, you have to navigate a complex world of constantly changing regulations, permits, game trends, and governmental systems.

Huntin’ Fool provides tools that make it easier to navigate those systems so you can easily acquire the tags you want. We help you prepare for your hunt by providing access to expert advice, gear, and guidance. Membership also opens the door to a vibrant hunting community where you can share stories and connect with other avid hunters. Simply put, Huntin’ Fool is the best way for any hunter to elevate their hunt.

How Does Huntin' Fool Provide Value?

Huntin' Fool members, who are novice to advanced hunters, utilize expert company knowledge and a proven system to develop a personalized plan to access hunt opportunities, including some of the best hunts in the world. Once a member secures a hunt opportunity, Huntin' Fool's experience, contacts, information, services, and products ensure that they will be well-prepared to maximize their hunt.

What Benefits Do Members Get?